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Ruth Kubyk

A mad hatter, that's literally what she is. Applied her art already in film, TV, theatre, opera, fashion and graphic design all over the world.  

Studied Performance Costumes (B.A. Hons) at ECA, University of Edinburgh, gradtuated with a First in June 2014.


Prior to that, graduated after 5 years of studying at the Fashion Institute of Vienna with a focus on tailor-made millinery as best of her class. 

Competitions, Collaborations and Projects



        Österreichischer Filmpreis 2022  Kostümbild  –  Regie C. Stern


         "Landkrimi - Das Schweigen der Esel" principal dresser Costume design by C. Czepek

Jan - April:   

          "15 Jahre" principal dresser Costume design by G. Raspé



          "Wald" principal dresser Costume design by C. Pizzini

Jun - November:   

         "Das Netz 1-8" principal dresser Costume design by C. Ludwig

Feb - June:   

          "Toxic Paradise" Kostümbild 


          "Unter der Haut der Stadt" milliner Costume design by L.Zykan

March - Mai:   

          "Wenn wir die Regeln brechen" Costume assistent Costume design by C. Pizzini

Jan - Feb:   

          "Der Weiße Kobold" principal dresser Costume design by L. Zykan


August - November: 

          "Die Macht der Kränkung"   – Costume design by C. Czepek

March - August:

          "Ich und die Anderen" Costume design by A. Mayerhofer (A)


          "Große Freiheit" principal dresser Costume design by A. Hölzl & T. Hausner  (A)


          Österreichischer Filmpreis 2020  Bird design and creation with Veronika Albert (A)


March - April 

          "Ziemlich russische Freunde" principal dresser Costume design by Christine Ludwig (A)

August - October: 

          "Schnell ermittelt" (S7, E1-5) –principal dresser Costume design by Anita Stoisits (A)

May - July: 

          "Moskau Einfach" principal dresser Costume design by Regula Marthaler (CH)

March - April 

          "Tatort PUMPEN" principal dresser Costume design by Christine Ludwig (A)

Jan - March:

          "Waren einmal Revoluzzer"  principal dresser Costume design by Veronika Albert (A)


Oct - Dez:

          "Glück gehabt"  principal dresser Costume design by Christine Ludwig (A)


         "Wally" – hat collection – Kubyk & Cranz (A)


          "Topfpalmen" – millinery and wardrobe Costume design by Carola Pizzini(A)

July - August:

          "Der beste Papa der Welt"  principal dresser Costume design by Christine Ludwig (A)


          "Vielfalt bewegt!" Österreichischer Alpenverein Stockwappend design "Grasfrosch, Alpendohle, Edelweiß)"  (A)

May - June:

          "Herzjagen" principal dresser Costume design by Veronika Albert (A)

Jan - April:

          "Marilyn Forever" – Volksoper Vienna – Costume assistant under Mareile von Stritzky (A)


          Ministry of Ink and Paper - Tape design "Under the sea"  (A)



          Gung Ho – Fashion Collecton S/S 18 – Tailor & garment development for Sophie Dunster (UK)

December 2016 - Februar:
          "Limonen aus Sizilien" Volksoper Vienna Costume assistant & milliner under Dietlind Konold (A)


February - Dec:  
          "Die Zirkusprinzessin" - headpieces for ballet - Volksoper Vienna Milliner under Doris Engl (A)

          "Der Bettelstudent" - headpieces for quire - Volksoper Vienna Milliner under Doris Engl (A)

          "Hoffmans Erzählungen" - supervision and making quire costumes - Volksoper Vienna Milliner under Doris Engl (A)

          "Die Fledermaus" - Headpieces, masks & fans for quire - Volksoper Vienna Milliner under Doris Engl (A)



Since December 2015:    

           Fesche Bagage Design label  Co-Founder & Head of Design (A)

Since November 2015:

          Gung Ho – Fashion Collecton S/S 16 – Tailor & garment development for Sophie Dunster (UK)

September - November 2015:
           The Levelling – Levelling Limited c/o Wellingtonfilms Ltd – Costume Trainee & standby under Tess Loe (UK)


          89° F/W16 – hat collection – Kubyk & Cranz (SP)


          Go! – Logo design – for Stephen Ramage (UK) 



September - May 2015:

           Outlander – Left Bank Pictures – Costume Design Trainee under Terry Dressbach, Nadine Powell, Elle Wilson (UK)

July:    New Designers 2014 – Exhibition of final two projects & costumes (UK)

May:    Outlander – Left Bank Pictures – Costume Trainee under Anna Lau (UK)

Apr:     Kasper in the Glitter – ECA fashion show – University of Edinburgh (UK)

Jan:     Substance Collection S/S15 – Tailor & supervisor for Sophie Dunster (UK)



Nov:    Exodus 21:24 – Short movie, directed by Marcus Harben – costume assistance (UK)

Sept:   From one to many geometries – LCF Masters collection hats for Sophie Skach (UK)

July:    Dracula Untold – Universal Pictures – Costume Maker under Kathryn Tart (UK)

June:   Hat piece for Ascot – Private commission (UK)

June:   Summer Salon – Flyer illustrations for winery Ebener Ebenauer (A)

May:    Lindt Maítre Chocolatier – Uniform redesign for Julia Eisenburger (CH)

Apr:     Border Queen – Pilot episode - Costume designer (UK)

Apr:     Poppea & School for Scandal, fashion show – ECA - University of Edinburgh (UK)

Apr:     School for Scandal, Benjamin Backbite, shooting – photographer: Tibor Galamb (UK)

Mar:    The Frost Queen, shooting – photographer: Tibor Galamb (UK)

Feb:     Flyer illustrations –  Golfclub Neulengbach (A)

Jan:     Murder… F/W13 – Creation of hats, jewellery and accessories for Kubyk & Cranz (A)

Jan:     Design portrait Kubyk & Cranz – Puls 4 TV (A)



Dec:    Christmas card – Illustrations & Graphics - EnVie (A)

Nov:    Scarf N°10 for EnVie – Illustrations & Graphics – EnVie (A)

Oct:     The Snow Queen – Harvey Nichols 10 Anniversary party – Costume creation (UK)

Sept:   Weil die Tiere den Wald verließen –  Self-exhibition of current hats & paintings (A)

Sept:   Faux Fox Magazine N°3 – 6 page feature of illustrations & paintings (A)

Sept:   Faux Fox Magazine N°3 – hats and jewellery for A Furry Tale (A)

July:    Atzaró Fashion show (Ibiza) –  Hats for Kurru Kurru (SP)

June:   Show 28: Fashion show – Exhibition of hats, Kubyk & Cranz (A)

May:    Animal Antics, fashion show – ECA – University of Edinburgh (UK)

Jan:     Inder Hood – Hat creation – Telering commercial (A)



Sept:   Murder they said F/W12 – Creation of hats, jewellery and accessories for Kubyk & Cranz (A)

June:   Kubyk & Cranz – Founding of the label (A, IT ,SP)

June:   Kurru Kurru S/S11 – Hats for Kurru Kurru (DE)

May:    EU Commercial Campaign – Erste Group – Stylist (EU)

Mar:     Venice exhibition – hats for Julia Cranz Hats –  Hat pieces & more (IT)



Sept:   Dress to express, fashion against AIDS, fashion show – S/S11 Kubyk & Grass (A)

June:   Kurru Kurru S/S 10 – for Julia Cranz –  Fashionshow Ibiza (SP)

June:   Freiheit, fashion show – Fashion Institute Vienna – Award for Best Creative Work 09/10 (A)

Apr:     Ski - Girs (published Feb 2011) – Milka Chocolate – Hats for Julia Cranz (A)

Mar:     Red Bubble Jacket – Aidshilfe Wien commercial – Creation of piece (A)

Mar:     Kurru Kurru A/W10 – Hats for Kurru Kurru (SP)

Feb:     Bunka College Tokyo, fashion show – Exhibition of piece (JP)

Feb:     Kurru Kurru S/S10 – Marlene Rouge – Hats for Kurru Kurru (DE)

Jan:     Multistyle Fashion Award – SIBU – 2nd place for designed corset (A)



Sept:   Venetian White  – Julia Cranz – Fashion Week Vienna S/S10 Creation of hats and accessories (A)

Aug:    Grace Jones – Design and creation of a hat for Grace Jones (USA)

July:    Venitian White – for Julia Cranz - Shooting in Venice (IT)

June:   Im Focus, fashion show – Fashion Institute Vienna (A)

June:   So messed up, fashion show – Vienna Flex – fashion collection Kubyk & Grass (A)

June:   Triumph Inspiration Award 2009 – Triumph – Nomination of design (A)




          Donnergugi collection & exhibition – Internship at Julia Cranz Hats – Hat pieces & more (A)

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