Costume & Set design


Various designs, projects, competitions and collaborations within the past years. 

"Kasper in the Glitter" 

   written by Philip Ridley (1955)

Pumpkin & Kasper
Kasper Whiskey
Boy - King Streetwise - Hearthrob&H
King Streetwise
Set design for the King's theatre
"Emperor Joseph and the signalman´s daughter" 

   written by Fritz Herzmanovsky-Orlando (1957)

Finale Lineup
Sketches for Widdow
Sketches for Nozerl
The Frost Queen

   comissioned by Harvey Nichols for their10th anniversary party in Edinburgh 

Behind the scenes
"School for Scandal"

   written by Richard Brisley Sheridan (1777) 

Mrs Candour
Mrs Candour
Mr & Mrs Teazle
Sir Oliver Surface
Sir Oliver Surface
Joseph Surface
Sir. Harry
Lady Sneerwell & Joseph Surface
Crabtree & Benjamin Backbite
Benjamin Backbite
Benjamin Backbite
Benjamin Backbite
"Red Shoes"

   written by Hans Christian Andersen (1845) 

Final Lineup & Presentation
"L'incoronazione di Poppea"

   written by Claudio Monteverdi, libretto by Giovanni Francesco Busenello (1643) 

"Animal Antics"

   ECA fashion show 2012 

clouded leopard
The King
"Sweeney Todd" - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

  musical by Stephen Sondheim (1979) - Set design & Costumes for 9 characters

Sketch book

Ruth Kubyk

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Finale Lineup

The play is a satirical piece about Austria, mocking the stereotypical elements of the 'Austrian nature'. Main inspiration was the comical aspect. Overall I tried to create a tacky Austrian, kitsch feeling, combined with all the folkloric chic. The final aim was it to show of a big variety of cultures and social classes, capturing the essence of each individual character through a playful and fascinating take on their costumes. - Costumes for 11 characters